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We’re Baaaack!!

It’s been absolutely forever since I posted here, but this is why:


SHE MADE IT TO WORLDS!  Of course it had nothing at all to do with how she skated — it’s all about the dress, you know…

8th in the WORLD! Awesome finish for her first World Championships appearance.
Love this shot. Really great loop for her, too!

Anyway, we’re home from two weeks in Italy and Paris (ok, 9 days in Italy for the World Championships, 5 days in Paris for…well, for me, really.  We sent her home with grandma so my husband and I could go fabric shopping in Paris alone…uh, I mean, go sightseeing in Paris alone…), and the shop is undergoing HUGE changes!  I have new fabric stocked (ombre lycra and mesh in lots of colors!), and we’re working on moving the entire thing into a mobile pop-up shop by the spring!  This will allow me to travel to many, many more competitions and venues throughout the year, and best of all…I can turn this great shop/sewing/storage space into a dedicated design studio, with a changing room, mannequin display, work stations, everything!  As a result, the place is a complete pig sty, which thrills me to no end, of course.

So because there wasn’t enough chaos in our lives, I decided to take on another task as a pattern tester again for 5 out of 4 Patterns. This time we tested the new Ninja Leggings, and they are amazing!  The pattern has been released at NO COST if you join the 5 out of 4 Facebook group.  It’s a downloadable PDF pattern, very well written, with excellent, clear instructions for all sewing ability levels.

5 out of 4 Patterns NINJA leggings. So comfortable!
Go get this pattern NOW.

Best of all, there is NO ELASTIC necessary in the waistband.  There are four different waistband versions (low rise, mid rise, high rise, and extra low-maternity rise), and virtually unlimited length options (shorts, capris, long, extra long, or anything in-between).  Emma is wearing the low rise, extra long version above.

So because my shop is a terror pit right now, and because there is a mountain of scraps honestly four feet high out there, I decided to whip up a few more pairs of these Ninjas.  Each pair takes only one yard and about thirty minutes start to finish.  They’re going to be perfect for chilly rink mornings this winter!


While you’re at it, check out their other patterns too — if I can find my cutting table, I plan on making a few “knot your average” shirts this week…

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