She finally arrived! We could have kayaked to China, picked her up, and kayaked back in less time than it took for her to finally get here, but whatever…

Yes, I know it’s been over a year. Maybe longer.

This isolation and the loss of several of my job ventures has left me, along with most of the country, with a lot of extra time on my hands. I’ve also realized how many things I am glad to be rid of — things that have been taken away, but their loss has left me with an appreciation and clarity about how I really want to spend what time I do have.

So I’m resurrecting this old blog, finally.

Here’s a quick video of one of the things still keeping me busy these days. I have about 30 posts in draft form, including three focused on Chong (my stoning machine from China…get it? It was my husband’s idea…it’s a stoning machine — a stoner — and Chong from Cheech & Chong is his favorite stoner…). But here’s a quick taste of what she can do.

Stay tuned.

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