She finally arrived! We could have kayaked to China, picked her up, and kayaked back in less time than it took for her to finally get here, but whatever... Yes, I know it's been over a year. Maybe longer. This isolation and the loss of several of my job ventures has left me, along with… Continue reading Chong

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Someone posted this on Facebook today, and rather than write a lengthy post reply, I figured I'd take up this topic here.  Plus, if I cut out one more piece of skating dress fabric tonight I might go insane... Many of you know my skater/daughter has won or placed at nationals more times than I… Continue reading Perspective

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Duct Tape Mannequin, Check!

It's been a while -- thanks for sticking around... (BTW, if you're only interested in the mannequin tutorial, scroll down to where the photos begin!) The skating world is so weird sometimes; I know people who protect their costume ideas for each season more carefully than they protect their passwords, bank PIN's, and in some… Continue reading Duct Tape Mannequin, Check!

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We’re Baaaack!!

It's been absolutely forever since I posted here, but this is why: SHE MADE IT TO WORLDS!  Of course it had nothing at all to do with how she skated -- it's all about the dress, you know... Anyway, we're home from two weeks in Italy and Paris (ok, 9 days in Italy for the… Continue reading We’re Baaaack!!

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Hand-Dyed Lace and Where Crazy Ideas Begin

**If you're only interested in the hand-dyed lace tutorial and not all my babbling, scroll to where the photos begin!** The process for most of the custom roller skating outfits I make is fairly simple: coach has an idea in March, we settle on a plan in early April, dress is finished by early to… Continue reading Hand-Dyed Lace and Where Crazy Ideas Begin

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Scary Season

Scary season is upon me, which isn't exactly as it's not scary because of the workload; it's scary because the workload means my shop has become an utter hellhole. There are scraps everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I even devised a new scrap storage system, but it doesn't matter -- just when I get them under control,… Continue reading Scary Season

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What Are They Wearing Wednesday: Long Time No Post

It's been months, I know...between getting this business going, traveling to meets with the pop-up shop, and trying to get new PDF patterns online, I haven't had time to breathe. Anyway, here's a quickie -- just finished last week, a derby half-time show dress for a former (not "old!") artistic skater and her husband.  Though… Continue reading What Are They Wearing Wednesday: Long Time No Post

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Trademark — Check!

Not exactly sewing related, but I've had so many requests for this information, and this is really the only place I have to put it. Last March, after spending too many hours working on SEO (search engine optimization) for my company website, I realized there are just too many damn companies that use the name… Continue reading Trademark — Check!

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Recent Projects

Wow...I've been gone forever... So much has happened recently...our trademarks were approved and registered (yay!), I finished dozens of pieces for regional and national skating championships, we sunk more money than I care to think about into our fabric's obviously been a crazy summer! And there are lots of changes coming for us this… Continue reading Recent Projects


Latest Project — Swim Shorts

So because I'm not busy enough, and because I think I was in sort of a spandex withdrawal after finishing 40 pieces last month, I took on a new project -- pattern tester for 5 out of 4 Patterns. I've never used PDF patterns before (weird, I know), so that was really the only part… Continue reading Latest Project — Swim Shorts