Tips & Tricks Tuesday

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Buying Fabric

I just returned from my first and definitely not my last (sorry, Bill) trip to the textile district in downtown Los Angeles.  Actually, to be honest it wasn't my very first trip; while at UCLA I used to buy formalwear fabric there to sew into the multitude of dresses I needed for various sorority functions. … Continue reading Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Buying Fabric

Saturday Sayings

Saturday Sayings: Deciphering the Message

"Do what I want.  Not what I say." -Brian Fitzpatrick Brian Fitzpatrick may not have much of anything to do with sewing costumes.  As the head of Google's Data Liberation Front and its Transparency Engineering Team, he probably knows less about encasing elastic or princess seams than my 18-year old son (granted, my other two… Continue reading Saturday Sayings: Deciphering the Message

What Are They Wearing Wednesday

What Are They Wearing Wednesday: January 29, 2014

I'm starting a new tradition here today -- every Wednesday I'll post a photo of what happens to be on one of the mannequins in the shop. Sometimes it will be a finished project, sometimes a work in progress. The goal is twofold: first, it will give you a look at various stages of garment… Continue reading What Are They Wearing Wednesday: January 29, 2014

Tips & Tricks Tuesday

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Use What You’ve Got

Pins. I hate pins. Mainly because they inevitably end up on the floor, in my foot, or in my dog's mouth. There are occasions when straight pins are necessary: attaching skirts to figure skating dresses or ballroom gowns, getting an inset bra placement just right, keeping ridiculously slippery and delicate fabric in exactly the right… Continue reading Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Use What You’ve Got

Saturday Sayings

Saturday Sayings: Thomas Paine and Charging What We’re Worth

That which we obtain too cheap we esteem too lightly.  -- Thomas Paine Ok, I know Thomas Paine was talking about freedom, not figure skating dresses. But bear with me here. One of the hardest things I encountered when starting my business was evolving beyond the strange guilt I felt over charging a fair price… Continue reading Saturday Sayings: Thomas Paine and Charging What We’re Worth

Introduction, Thoughts & Memories

A Creator’s Evolution

(Title irony intentional, of course) This week I'm celebrating (and by "celebrating" I mean I briefly thought about it when it popped into my head at the grocery store while choosing bananas) the twenty year anniversary of the creation of my first skating dress.  This slightly unkind reminder of my own personal aging process brought… Continue reading A Creator’s Evolution

Introduction, Studio

Guilty Pleasure to CEO

Four months ago, at the constant urging of my husband, I quit a job that was making me angry and resentful and began working instead on trying to dismiss the guilt I've always felt for wanting to do something that a) doesn't require the multiple college degrees I hold, and b) doesn't feel like a… Continue reading Guilty Pleasure to CEO