She finally arrived! We could have kayaked to China, picked her up, and kayaked back in less time than it took for her to finally get here, but whatever... Yes, I know it's been over a year. Maybe longer. This isolation and the loss of several of my job ventures has left me, along with… Continue reading Chong

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We’re Baaaack!!

It's been absolutely forever since I posted here, but this is why: SHE MADE IT TO WORLDS!  Of course it had nothing at all to do with how she skated -- it's all about the dress, you know... Anyway, we're home from two weeks in Italy and Paris (ok, 9 days in Italy for the… Continue reading We’re Baaaack!!

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Scary Season

Scary season is upon me, which isn't exactly as it's not scary because of the workload; it's scary because the workload means my shop has become an utter hellhole. There are scraps everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I even devised a new scrap storage system, but it doesn't matter -- just when I get them under control,… Continue reading Scary Season

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So Much Room for Activities!

Well, it's been 18 months, but I think I'm finally finished! We started this garage "renovation lite" project in September 2013. I say "renovation lite" because it didn't involve any destroying of walls, demolition of floors, or anything very exciting or fun.  It did involve several trips to Ikea, a lot of curse words (because… Continue reading So Much Room for Activities!

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What Are They Wearing Wednesday: Upcycled and Awesome

Today's What Are They Wearing post is a little different -- it's not what's on my mannequins, but what's on my shop floor: This beauty is the creation of my husband.  It's huge -- 4 feet by 5 feet -- but its utility is far outweighed by the sheer awesomeness of the chartreuse green paint… Continue reading What Are They Wearing Wednesday: Upcycled and Awesome

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Guilty Pleasure to CEO

Four months ago, at the constant urging of my husband, I quit a job that was making me angry and resentful and began working instead on trying to dismiss the guilt I've always felt for wanting to do something that a) doesn't require the multiple college degrees I hold, and b) doesn't feel like a… Continue reading Guilty Pleasure to CEO