Latest Project — Swim Shorts

So because I'm not busy enough, and because I think I was in sort of a spandex withdrawal after finishing 40 pieces last month, I took on a new project -- pattern tester for 5 out of 4 Patterns. I've never used PDF patterns before (weird, I know), so that was really the only part… Continue reading Latest Project — Swim Shorts

Tips & Tricks Tuesday

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Use What You’ve Got

Pins. I hate pins. Mainly because they inevitably end up on the floor, in my foot, or in my dog's mouth. There are occasions when straight pins are necessary: attaching skirts to figure skating dresses or ballroom gowns, getting an inset bra placement just right, keeping ridiculously slippery and delicate fabric in exactly the right… Continue reading Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Use What You’ve Got