My name is Danielle, and I’ve been designing and sewing custom skatewear (thus certifiably insane) for over twenty years.

I recently started a new business, Firefly Fabrics, selling performance fabric, stones and trim for skatewear, dancewear, ballroom, etc.  We also carry three lines of skatewear: Ready-to-Wear, Semi-Custom, and Custom.

Please visit my online shop at http://www.shopfireflyfabrics.com, or email us at fireflyfabrics@gmail.com.

logo colored airbrush300dpi

A Creator’s Evolution

(Title irony intentional, of course) This week I’m celebrating (and by “celebrating” I mean I briefly thought about it when it popped into my head at the grocery store while choosing bananas) the twenty year anniversary of the creation of my first skating dress.  This slightly unkind reminder of my own personal aging process brought … Continue reading A Creator’s Evolution

Guilty Pleasure to CEO

Four months ago, at the constant urging of my husband, I quit a job that was making me angry and resentful and began working instead on trying to dismiss the guilt I’ve always felt for wanting to do something that a) doesn’t require the multiple college degrees I hold, and b) doesn’t feel like a … Continue reading Guilty Pleasure to CEO

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