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What Are They Wearing Wednesday: Formation Team Dresses

So many sequins, so little time to vacuum them up... Actually, this project wasn't so bad. The team wasn't exactly sure what they wanted, just that the five dresses needed to be "a little slutty, like Chicago-slutty, but also ballroom-appropriate." Total opposites, of course.  We decided on black with either emerald green or indigo blue,… Continue reading What Are They Wearing Wednesday: Formation Team Dresses

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Monthly Stitch Challenge: Sewing Double

So this really great collective called The Monthly Stitch puts out challenges meant to keep sewists (a new word I learned...maybe it's just an Australian thing, but it sounds better than "sewer," which brings to mind nasty, disgusting things) on their toes and actively learning new things.  This month's challenge was "Sewing Double," and, as… Continue reading Monthly Stitch Challenge: Sewing Double