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Duct Tape Mannequin, Check!

It's been a while -- thanks for sticking around... (BTW, if you're only interested in the mannequin tutorial, scroll down to where the photos begin!) The skating world is so weird sometimes; I know people who protect their costume ideas for each season more carefully than they protect their passwords, bank PIN's, and in some… Continue reading Duct Tape Mannequin, Check!

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Hand-Dyed Lace and Where Crazy Ideas Begin

**If you're only interested in the hand-dyed lace tutorial and not all my babbling, scroll to where the photos begin!** The process for most of the custom roller skating outfits I make is fairly simple: coach has an idea in March, we settle on a plan in early April, dress is finished by early to… Continue reading Hand-Dyed Lace and Where Crazy Ideas Begin

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Scary Season

Scary season is upon me, which isn't exactly as it's not scary because of the workload; it's scary because the workload means my shop has become an utter hellhole. There are scraps everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I even devised a new scrap storage system, but it doesn't matter -- just when I get them under control,… Continue reading Scary Season

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The Explosion of Home Sewing Enthusiasts

A little off topic today, but here's a Buzzfeed article I recently wrote... Goodbye cyber cafes; hello sewing studios. In Paris, you can rent a sewing machine by the hour to go along with your coffee and croissant. From Redondo Beach, CA to Manchester, England, sewing studios are providing opportunities for people to connect, share,… Continue reading The Explosion of Home Sewing Enthusiasts

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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Travel Kit

Since, until like two days ago, my studio was a complete and utter hellhole (see my last post: So Much Room for Activities!), I usually traveled for fittings. Unfortunately, this meant carrying tons of stuff with me, and I usually ended up searching for it all, throwing it into a bag, and running to the… Continue reading Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Travel Kit

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So Much Room for Activities!

Well, it's been 18 months, but I think I'm finally finished! We started this garage "renovation lite" project in September 2013. I say "renovation lite" because it didn't involve any destroying of walls, demolition of floors, or anything very exciting or fun.  It did involve several trips to Ikea, a lot of curse words (because… Continue reading So Much Room for Activities!